Home Video Basic-ABG Interpretation (total): Easy also Easy

Basic-ABG Interpretation (total): Easy also Easy

Basic-ABG Interpretation (total): Easy also Easy

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Hey Guys!
youre are watching an tutorial video about deciphering ABGs. This may occasionally become a ONLY video youre may well must define your ABGs. That that youre would become capable to maybe become welcome. (TIMESTAMPS below to your comfort)

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inside this video, youre may well uncover about:

(1) 00: 20 – Basic ideas of ABG
(2)04: 56 – 3-step ABG interpretation
(3) 07: 12 – ABG interpretation examples (with out compensation)
(4) 10: 54 – Compensation basics
(5) 13: 19- Partial compensation
(6) 15: 56 – Plump compensation

End Captioning/Subtitle for this video is equipped inside English!

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