Home Video Case-5 Chilly Cases Solved inside 2022 (After An extended time) #2

Case-5 Chilly Cases Solved inside 2022 (After An extended time) #2

Case-5 Chilly Cases Solved inside 2022 (After An extended time) #2

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On this video, our are inside a position to discuss a pair of long time-pale cool cases that were solved inside 2022. On a earth of unsolved mysteries, it is a long way constantly relaxing to leer some of them cracked. Our first case is of SOPHIE SERGIE, which turned into solved after 29 years. a second case is of LUCILLE HULTGREN, which turned into solved after 34 years. a third case is of LEE ROTATORI, which turned into solved after nearly four a long time with a aid of genetic family tree. At quantity 4 is a case of
LISA FRACASSI, which turned into solved after 37 years with a aid of new DNA technologies. Our closing case is of EMMA CALDWELL, Which turned into solved by police after 16 years.

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