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Case-71 – a Bull Case For Ethereum II | DC Investor, Anthony Sassano, Cyrus Younessi

Case-71 – a Bull Case For Ethereum II | DC Investor, Anthony Sassano, Cyrus Younessi

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Loads has modified since a usual “Bull Case for Ethereum” episode. This sequel comes at a time when big events loom on a horizon. EIP-1559, a Proof-of-Stake Merge, also Layer 2 Scaling.

A gigantic selection of these uncertainties are felt available within a market action, but our raise youre one of a indispensable Ethereum Neighborhood’s strongest bulls to remind youre why youre are here.

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Topics Lined:

0: 00 Intro
5: 30 Sassano, DC Investor, also Cyrus
7: 20 Cyrus Younessi
9: 58 Grading Earlier Predictions
11: 37 What’s New also Spellbinding?
18: 15 New Narratives for ETH
25: 03 ETH inside DeFi
29: 10 Feeling a Sage Shift
37: 45 Beating a Identical Drum
40: 19 a Vitality Debate
44: 12 PoS Merge also Vitality
52: 30 Gasoline Charges & Schizophrenia
58: 39 EIP-1559
1: 06: 26 Deflationary, Scarce ETH
1: 12: 05 Self belief inside Execution
1: 20: 33 Layer 2 Summer season
1: 28: 02 Ethereum’s Scaling Answer
1: 34: 29 DAOs also DOs
1: 44: 37 DAOs also ETH
1: 50: 06 Publish-Mortem on 4k ETH
2: 03: 29 Label Predictions
2: 11: 48 What Else Would youre Take?
2: 14: 12 Shaving to Set
2: 15: 49 Closing & Disclaimers

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  2. Please amplify the quantity of your videos. The audio is on the softer side which makes it laborious to hearken to when your spirited through the day unless you bear headphones on.

  3. Truly Cyrus' employ on tag prediciton is where im at atm. I dont give a shit about tag targets, i fair bear to glimpse where all this performs out in a pair years. The roadmap is unfolding sooner than our eyes…lets scrutinize where it takes us.

  4. Why will we favor ETH if most job can also happen on layer 2 eventually? Wouldn't other folks bear to rob extra of the L2 token cherish Polygon?

  5. When am I going to quit being shocked at the good of this podcast? Every time I sit the entire vogue down to listen on a fat episode I the truth is feel cherish I learned extra than I did on the previous week making an strive to ascertain shit out on my possess.Thanks Ryan, David and the panelists for serving to me have up to this point on this wild and elegant world of Ethereum.

  6. Once I hearken to BTC maxis I possess ETH goes to zero. Once I hearken to podcasts cherish this I possess ETH is unstoppable, lol. Positively sticking with ETH.

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