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Case-A Queer Case of ‘Ball Bomb Blast’ | CID | Abet To College | सीआईडी

Case-A Queer Case of ‘Ball Bomb Blast’ | CID | Abet To College | सीआईडी

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This case is a pair of bomb blast on a cricket group participant. This Bomb Blast is finished with a aid of becoming a bomb within a cricket ball. A prime cricketer named Amar turns into a victim of this Bomb Blast. Raman, a manager of a cricket league, is inside a aid of this. Glance a video to know why Raman does this also a scheme inside which CID solves this case. Appreciate Tuned!

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Demonstrate Title: CID
Demonstrate Solid: Shivaji Satam, Aditya Srivastav, Dayanand Shetty, Dinesh Phadnis, Narendra Gupta, Shraddha Musale, Hrishikesh Pandey, Ansha Sayed, Abhay Shukla, Ajay Nagrath, Janvi Chheda
Producer: Brijendra Pal Singh

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A Queer Case of ‘Ball Bomb Blast’ | CID | Abet To College | सीआईडी