Home Video Case-CLIMATE CATASTROPHE: a Case For Riot | Dr Rupert Learn Talk

Case-CLIMATE CATASTROPHE: a Case For Riot | Dr Rupert Learn Talk

Case-CLIMATE CATASTROPHE: a Case For Riot | Dr Rupert Learn Talk

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A extremely predominant, however sophisticated focus on a environmental crisis, facing societal collapse also what to enact about it.

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Dr Rupert Learn covers a Paris settlement, humanity’s future alternate suggestions, also non-violent civil disobedience similar to Extinction Riot (XR) also a College Strike 4 Climate actions started by Greta Thunberg.

Recorded at a University of East Anglia (UEA) on a sixth February 2019.

To search a very attention-grabbing Q&A that followed this talk use this link (skips straight to Q&A Section):

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This was a talk I lately supplied to film also edit for these organising it, however belief it could possibly become attention-grabbing to become able to add myself.
Please gift whereas I clearly beef up this reason, my most attention-grabbing involvement inside this particular match was filming also modifying it, so a total voice was arranged also written by others. Subsequently I am now not most attention-grabbing positioned to respond any questions on a topic – please discuss with a Q&A linked above as there was lot attention-grabbing discussions brought up inside that around nuclear energy, consumerism, over-inhabitants also lots more.

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  1. CHANGING CLIMATE'S going to produce in us Primates. Furthermore the birds, though they’ll't learn these words. The dodo became doodoo we flushed down the bathroom lavatory, too. And the bushes and the seas and the bugs and the pugs. And no longer unprejudiced the vegetation and the animal zoo ….. the tiniest planktons that maintain the O2. It's so terribly unhappy when ONE species ….. unprejudiced ….. ceases. You'd own we'd had a clear assign, “Exterminate the bloody lot!” Deniers and liars and industry hires, weave and deceive us, their gullible buyers. So now now we be pleased the gargantuan distinction of bringing on our be pleased extinction. And know what's of route, of route droll? We're FOSSIL FOOLS in esteem with money.” The Discontinue??????

  2. Thanks for the total gargantuan comments! Test out my YouTube channel for talks about the local weather and ecological crises, and interviews that I in point of fact be pleased been doing about the vitally crucial Extinction Come up protests.

  3. Hiya all and sundry, thanks for taking the time to see this kind of the principle discuss!To listen to extra from Dr Rupert Read please test out his be pleased YouTube Channel beefy of additional talks and TV Interviews about the local weather and ecological crises, and Extinction Come up Protests:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm7-jS-VzbR3xEqpBGYDPcQ Need to you may per chance well per chance per chance decide to listen to extra about this discuss namely, see the lengthy Predict and Resolution session that took method after this discuss. There became dialogue spherical issues comparable to rebellion ways, nuclear vitality, consumerism, over-inhabitants and far extra. You may per chance well per chance be capable to see the Q&A by the utilization of the underneath hyperlink (skips straight to the Q&A Session within the video):https://youtu.be/rbzhc1BlvvI?t=2550

  4. All most of us can of route produce is discuss about it, and of route feel that the boat may per chance per chance unprejudiced in point of fact sink in a rapid time, what now.

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