Home Video Case- Liu Yong Pursues a Case EP45 (He Bing, Bai Bing)| 刘墉追案

Case-[Eng Sub] Liu Yong Pursues a Case EP45 (He Bing, Bai Bing)| 刘墉追案

Case-[Eng Sub] Liu Yong Pursues a Case EP45 (He Bing, Bai Bing)| 刘墉追案

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Drama name: Liu Yong Pursues a Case
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Comedy, Political
Episodes: 45
Also identified as: 刘墉追案, Liu Yong Zhui An

Liu Yong is an legitimate identified to become “loyal to a emperor, loving towards a of us, also genuine.” Within a name of paying tribute to a emperor, Shandong governor Fu Guotai has been stealing money from a of us. When levying taxes, these unable to pay are gravely punished; students who focus on inside opposition to a injustices are killed; warehouses of dozens of prefectures also counties inside Shandong province are inside serious deficit.
Putting monumental importance on a matter, Emperor Qianlong orders Liu Yong also He Shen to analysis a case. Liu Yong learns that Shandong had been plagued by mess ups for 3 consecutive years also finds Fu Guotai guilty of corruption. At a present, a imperial concubine intercedes on behalf of Fu Guotai along with a assortment of court docket officials. inside fact, He Shen also has a vested hobby to guard Fu Guotai. Liu Yong is undaunted by a force from a elevated usa he fights to uphold a legal pointers of a Qing Dynasty.

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  1. Perfect sequence! Thank You particularly for the english subtitles in enlighten that i used to be ready to expertise watching it. It saddens me it has technique to an stop lol.

  2. Entirely loved this show from foundation to entire, so many twists and turns. The writing used to be spectacular! The subtitles were so on point, which is vastly liked.I fully maintain two complaints concerning the stop resolution of the final bid, searching for to kind moderately extra in enlighten to buy away from spoilers for folks who browse the negate section before ending episodes (I’m guilty of this… lol) MengFeng no longer currently working out and then whether or no longer or no longer Wan'er would be ready to safe pregnant! This used to be certainly a Thriller Drama over a Romance Drama and it used to be handled excellently even supposing I’m moderately upset by those two, overall minor, things, hehe.

  3. Excellent I enjoyed each episode. The realm twits the actors/characters. It used to be so understated but so very obliging. With out a doubt one of many very handiest dramas I maintain watched and thank you for the English subs.

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