Home Video Case-Her AirPod Pro Case Wasn’t Charging Her Airpods😱😫😰🤬! #Shorts

Case-Her AirPod Pro Case Wasn’t Charging Her Airpods😱😫😰🤬! #Shorts

Case-Her AirPod Pro Case Wasn’t Charging Her Airpods😱😫😰🤬! #Shorts

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Here’s what to maintain if your AirPod case isn’t charging your airpods..

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  1. Are you able to abet me with my earbuds? My appropriate earbud works properly but my left one upright stop working randomly, it prices and while charging I attempted it to change on and it turned on whenever, but when I possess it out of the charging box it stopped, the day prior to this it started working and I worn it for stable 2 hours then I assign it lend a hand in to the case and it starts doing identical ingredient again (not turning on) but it calm prices….

  2. My airpod not charging discipline turned into once on yarn of I had a tiny strand of hair down there lifting my airpod upright ample to not possess contact with the contact

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