Home Video Case-How Putin’s WAR STRATEGY is KILLING Europe also US? : War Approach...

Case-How Putin’s WAR STRATEGY is KILLING Europe also US? : War Approach Case look ( Russia vs Europe)

Case-How Putin’s WAR STRATEGY is KILLING Europe also US? : War Approach Case look ( Russia vs Europe)

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VIDEO INTRODUCTION: Ever since a Russia-Ukraine battle started, it has Erupted a serious financial battle between Russia, Europe, also a united states! Whereas on one side, Russia took its forces into Ukraine also started shooting territories, a US also Europe imposed heavy sanctions to cripple a Russian economy!! Russian goods had been banned, Billion dollar agencies like MCD also Zara give up a Russian markets, Russia is banned from a swift network, their international substitute has been frozen also a west even started forcing a great deal of worldwide locations to discontinue shopping also selling with Russia!!
So with a opposition of a most highly high-quality country within a sphere also a European Union, it used to become expected that Putin will withdraw from Ukraine also Russia will procure defeat attributable to a industrial turmoil!! But what, even although Russia obtained affected, Putin has played a Games of Thrones of Geopolitics so smartly that now Europe is going through an financial disaster!!
a annual inflation rate of Energy has touched a file high of 41.9%, food inflation has touched 10.4% also now a GDP relate of 27 countries is slowing down thanks to Russia!!
a quiz is, along with your complete made stronger from US, despite being a cluster of 27 countries also inspite of no longer waging a battle at all, How did Europe discontinuance up inside such a unpleasant reveal??
What precisely is Putin’s battle technique to Choke Europe?
also lastly, how is this Games of thrones affecting a Financial system of India?

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  1. Because of the of the excessive sanctions, Russia modified into once forced to promote its vitality for Rubles. Russian Rubles are also recognized as Rubble by some. smile

  2. Very low-set apart evaluation even supposing neutral appropriate description of the present disaster. Immediate term non-violent sacrifices are meaningless, for these who stand to your values and against violent imperialistic narcissists one day, as Mahatma Gandhi showed to the sector. Think one more time rather than repeating low-set apart russian propaganda.

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