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Case-iPhone 14 also 14 Suitable Cases – a entirety youre Wanted To Know

Case-iPhone 14 also 14 Suitable Cases – a entirety youre Wanted To Know

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iPhone 14 MagSafe cases are here. a MagSafe cases from Apple near inside Silicone also Clear also near inside a lot of colors. inside this video I unbox a contemporary iPhone 14 MagSafe cases from Apple, display camouflage their accomplish, how it works with a MagSafe charger, produce a size comparability with iPhone 13 Suitable. iPhone 13 also iPhone 13 Suitable possess separate cases resulting from their digital camera bumps this yr for a Apple MagSafe Silicone cases. #iPhone14 #iPhone #apple #magsafewallet

Here is a Unboxing Video of a total iPhone 14 Silicone Cases also Clear Case. our use a investigate cross-check at them, overview them with iPhone 13 also investigate cross-check within a occasion that they are going to suit also a plot inside which a magnets of a cases are.

iPhone 14 Suitable Max Leather Cases – https://amzn.to/3Le99RR
iPhone 14 Silicone Cases – https://amzn.to/3BhbhDB

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Magnet Paper – https://amzn.to/3QGHDxs

Chapters00: 00 – Introduction
00: 20 – Rate
00: 31 – Colors
00: 48 – Unboxing
01: 36 – Case Overview
02: 11 – Case Comparability
05: 19 – iPhone 14 Suitable Clear Case
06: 04 – iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Suitable also 14 Suitable Max Dimension Comparability
06: 31 – Magnets
06: 51 – MagSafe Wallet
07: 14 – Attempting them on iPhone 13 Suitable
09: 22 – iPhone 14 Case is Pleasurable with iPhone 13
10: 04 – Charging with MagSafe
10: 23 – iPhone 14 Plus Case
10: 56 – Conclusion

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  1. I esteem their design, identical with leather case.But for 60 euro (70 for leather) I skip them, no longer purely resulting from the stamp but of a design flaw and their used quality.Mine went to the trashbin (13 Pro) after 3 months, and this is from somebody who buys one case and keeps it for the two years I consume a phone, and the case does continue to exist that.Well no longer here, and for this form of heft top class (Spigen and Ringke instances being between 15 to 30 euro) I grunt no.They watch obedient, but the quality is poor.Also the design flaw of every is that whenever you occur to phone falls on the bottom there is a bet if snaps out of the case, with the likelihood of the phone hitting the bottom after bouncing.On no tale seen any diversified worth, but even chinese language cheapo case enact that.As for the video, beautiful admire fashioned, so a admire appropriate for that.

  2. Sold my iPhone 12 Pro Max with the silicone case. I learned that the slicone case is terribly slippery, and on no tale equipped them all any other time

  3. I’m the usage of the iPhone 13 genuine. I clear against upgrading because I esteem the Blue iPhone color and this year colors weren’t doing it for me. I’ve in actual fact started the usage of the silicone instances and I esteem it. Protect up the obedient work Aaron!

  4. I received the obvious case as that’s what I had on the 12, I’m no longer obvious if I’m 100% chuffed,, it will get so many smudges , but I enact admire the truth you positively ogle the color of the phone.

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