Home Video Case-Johnny Depp Rebuts Amber Heard’s Case inside Defamation Trial (Depp v. Heard)

Case-Johnny Depp Rebuts Amber Heard’s Case inside Defamation Trial (Depp v. Heard)

Case-Johnny Depp Rebuts Amber Heard’s Case inside Defamation Trial (Depp v. Heard)

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On Tuesday, Johnny Depp used to become known as to a stand to testify inside his rebuttal case. Depp attempted to refute a couple of claims made by Amber Heard also her team within a center of their case.

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  1. I seen this are residing. I'm going help due to I'm bored and I narrate. The arrangement she respect balls her sister and smiles whereas J is telling each person she treated her sister delight in she is less of an particular particular person. Amber and her sister know that the sister is arrangement less handsome and Amber holds that over her sisters head I'm sure. I would unnecessary to claim hangout out with her sister before her. Or they each and each working as a crew. If no longer her sister ought to flee very very speedily.

  2. So that you can dispute your spouse's trashy sister to amass the ” 4th penthouse,” is somewhere I can’t ever be. Potentially better that arrangement.

  3. ''Don't spoil something for your arrangement out'' used to be uncalled for, in particular from the declare of the case. It's an arrogant divulge. No longer her situation to criticize or create ''a funny story'' about anyone but on no account the actual person who’s making an are trying to receive justice.

  4. She smirks delight in what he’s announcing about her is ridiculous however the very most interesting particular person I’ve seen this total trial be abusive is her. All of the proof shows she’s the aggressor and he’s the passive one. Every single seek excluding her ex besties who’re in on this design with her all testified she used to be the loud offended violent one so I don’t know why she’s smirking. Johnny Depp doesn’t have to concoct schemes for publicity and money he’s diagram. She’s the one who supplied all the pieces she needed to tmz. How trashy. She’s a no name actress whose beautiful face has mature with age. She’s a no one performing delight in she’s a any individual and she or he clearly enjoyed the privilege that came with being with Depp. She mandatory him locked down and it’s why she compelled a speedily marriage, and I absolutely imagine she misplaced it on the sight of a pre nup and decrease his finger off with a vodka bottle. She claimed she used to be the actual person who insisted on a prenup what so much of crap. She didn’t even donate the money she promised to those charities and calm hasn’t to on on the original time and age. If she mandatory to present them the money she would have. She explains it away with JD sued me. Her attorneys are paid for by insurance coverage so why has she saved a help of the 7 million. Furthermore she acknowledged. “What victim would favor that?” When asked about organising the bruise pictures with tmz. Certain Amber what victim certainly would attain that? You are no victim. The verdict used to be sweet in particular staring at this help, her cocky arrogant demeanor in actuality served her effectively. She’s a vile girl and she or he wishes serious motivate.

  5. Have faith a study her face within the final moments of his testimony!! She doesn't seem distraught, sad.. She seems too eager….obsessed… Questioning what he has to recount, striking on to every note delight in a vampire lingering for a scent/taste of blood.. Ugh. Ew

  6. This will be a insane ill girl. She ought to be committed to a mental health facility. She is a liar and a psycho. She is a narcissist, she misplaced the case and she or he’ll lose the charm.

  7. I ponder what used to be so funny to this abuser about this inferior incident,her smirking face is inferior having a sight, She ought to of been in jail.The police ought to of been called,and she or he ought to of been charged.

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