Home Video Case-Mysterious Case of Mehul Bhatnagar also Jodhpur Viral Video – Who’s Honest...

Case-Mysterious Case of Mehul Bhatnagar also Jodhpur Viral Video – Who’s Honest correct Who’s Atrocious?

Case-Mysterious Case of Mehul Bhatnagar also Jodhpur Viral Video – Who’s Honest correct Who’s Atrocious?

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Mehul Bhatnagar, 18-three hundred also sixty five days-passe studying inside Class 12th from Central Academy Friend Bypass, Jodhpur College used to become charged under POCSO Act 2012 where a allegations were made by his has classmate. He’s pleading innocence from his social media put up on 13th Sep ’22 also whereas social media has come forward with full pork up, there appears to become like to become a twist to a memoir. Let’s focus on.

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  1. Kya lagta hai apko kaun hai sahi kaun hai galat? Kya ek self sustaining investigation honi chahiye? Agar aapka jawaab haan hai, to yahan is tweet ko retweet karein aur is video ko whatsapp pe half zaroor karein: https://cutt.ly/mehul aapka ek straightforward action kisi ki zindagi bacha sakta hai

  2. Centrail acadmy college jodhpur ki baat he chodo, yahan ka standerd kya hai vo maine khud dekha apni aakho se, sabse worst college me se ek hai…. Rahi baat mehul ki to vo such aur bekasoor hai tabhi brazenly social media platfom pe aake kah rha hai ki iski jaanch ho basic coprate karunga…. Ladki ya uske ghr valo ka koi observation nahi aaya abhi kahin pe, matlb saaf hai mehul pe juthe aarop lage hai aur usko intensonly fasaya gaya

  3. 9:39 पर लड़की का नाम और घर का एड्रेस दिख रहा है FIR की replica पे कृपया disguise करने का कष्ट करें।

  4. Psychology smjhne wale Mehul okay expressions glimpse ekbar… jyda to ab kya bolu..baki jo glt h wo kbhi khudko glt to ni bolega apne muh se… or ase kse trainer ne usa haami bhrwa li…ajeeb baat h… digicam se aankhe churana???

  5. This case might well even additionally be solved lawful by a vivid investigation. The true offender needs to be published whether it's the boy or the girl. Justice needs to be served🙏

  6. Sir… in usual circumstances the burden of proof is on the shoulder of prosecution to present the guilt of accused past cheap doubt….Alternatively, in pocso Act the burden of proof is on the shoulder of accused to present his innocence…

  7. Corona virus se bhi bada hazard hai Feminism..Zeher ki tarah fayel raha hai..Abhi bhi agar launde nahi sudhre toh bhugto..Par Bhai, mujhe saaf dikh raha hai, aage koi bhi ladki prbs mein hogi na, sab muh pher lenge..Kyuke pata hi nahi chalega ki superior hai ya spurious..Ek time pe kuch wahiyat soch rakhne waale rape ya sexual assault ko cool maante the..Aur ab spurious case ko cool maana jaata hai🤦🤦🥺🥺2nd waali kahani mein twist dimaag udane waala hi hai..Third twist aur bhi fascinating hai..Ab samjhe police ko kyun respect nahi milti??Kyuke un logon ko highly efficient se matlab hai, justice se nahi..Yeh mera level of watch hai..Pechila mamla hai, no doubt..Par dazzling investigation hogi kya?? Agar lambe baal waala ladka guilty hai toh utha lo par hai kaun, wohi sawal hai..Improper identification ka case bhi ho sakti hai agar ladki sach bol rahi hai toh…Emphasis on agar..As of now, i am with Mehul given the circumstances..Par guilty present hua widt an iota of doubt toh strengthen vanish..🙏🙏

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