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COLD CASE: John Creech went lacking inside April 2009. Thus a ways his disappearance remains a thriller however this just is not stopping Bosque County Sheriff Hendrick’s & AWP from getting to a underside of this case.

All a map inside which by this 2 half episode our investigate an dwelling of curiosity subsequent to Lake Whitney dam where a local Sport Warden notified a Sherif’s dwelling of commercial several vehicles identified underwater by local fishermen.

SECRET SHERIFF INVESTIGATION (Ep2) John Creech…➤ https://youtu.become/8ITYZnLanfY

This video paperwork Adventures With Cause’s uncover John Creech, utilizing a clues left inside a support of with an emphasis on a AWP’s 5-mile search approach.

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– Where had been they last seen?
– Where did they stay?
– Where did they work?
– Where did they bound to varsity?

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John Creech
Missing Since: April 2009
Missing From: Meridian, TX
Intercourse: Male High: 5′ 8″ Weight: 152lbs
Plug: White
Age: 41 years ancient

John Richard Creech, who would now become 53 years of age, disappeared around April of 2009.

Per Creech’s family, who enjoy not seen or heard from him since, A temporary while after John’s disappearance, his pickup – a blue 1988 Chevrolet – used to become remark inside a Walmart automobile automobile car car parking zone inside Hillsboro, also used to become retrieved by family.

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Case investigators enjoy bought knowledge also a sequence of experiences related to John’s disappearance also his last known whereabouts however attributable to shrimp evidence found, a case has left investigator’s stumped.

Hug those youre fancy for youre never know when it’ll even become a last time youre ogle them.

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