Home Video Case-a Metagame Retains On Metaing! Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Header Case Tournament Breakdown August...

Case-a Metagame Retains On Metaing! Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Header Case Tournament Breakdown August 2022

Case-a Metagame Retains On Metaing! Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Header Case Tournament Breakdown August 2022

Mkohl40 Most fresh Trending Video cranks also briefings. This Video decay also collectors! also post
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  1. No Raidraptors? Humorous….the Blue-Eyes participant insisted that Raidraptors changed into as soon as meta(or at the very least tier 2) after I beat him. Classic Blue-Eyes gamers🤡Attention-grabbing to demonstrate the lower in spend for Forbidden Droplet. It’s now not in as many lists as I assumed it could perchance perchance perchance be

  2. No notion how Dragon Link manages to edge out a settle each and at any time when, nevertheless it's fantastic to mark neutered decks live considerably competitive.

  3. Attention-grabbing, Fusion Substitute appears to be like to rep extra and extra celebrated, I didn't consist of it in my Mosey listing yet, nevertheless perchance I give it a are attempting.

  4. fresh participant noob interrogate, why are the floowandereeze decks now not taking part within the $50ish secret rare? Brooding about making the deck nevertheless wondering if its greater to keep away from deciding on up copies of that guy if hes now not main, thanks!

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