Home Video Case-a Mumbai Case | Crime Patrol Satark | Fleshy Episode

Case-a Mumbai Case | Crime Patrol Satark | Fleshy Episode

Case-a Mumbai Case | Crime Patrol Satark | Fleshy Episode

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Episode 340: a Mumbai Case
inside these days’s episode of Crime Patrol, see a investigation of a case from Maharashtra. Jayanti runs a daycare heart inside Mumbai. a police become taught that three teens from Jayanti’s daycare heart are lacking. They additionally salvage Jayanti’s mother-inside-legislation – Rukhmini inside her house. Will a police become ready to treatment a thriller? Preserve tuned inside also salvage out here.

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Disguise Title: Crime Patrol Satark
Episode Number: 340
Producer: Sandeep Agarwal


About Crime Patrol :
Crime Patrol will are attempting to stare upon a indicators, a alerts which might well maybe become continuously there ahead of these mindless crimes are dedicated. Instincts/Emotions/Indicators that so inside most cases suppose us that no longer everything is weird also wonderful. Perchance, that tag/feeling/instinct is gracious no longer adequate to accept as true with it could well well maybe consequence inside a crime. Sadly, after a crime is dedicated, these same alerts advance haunting.

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a Mumbai Case | Crime Patrol Satark | Fleshy Episode


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