Home Video Case-Why Is ACP Getting Manipulated By A Criminal?| Atrangi Cases | सीआईडी

Case-Why Is ACP Getting Manipulated By A Criminal?| Atrangi Cases | सीआईडी

Case-Why Is ACP Getting Manipulated By A Criminal?| Atrangi Cases | सीआईडी

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On this episode, ACP Pradyuman instructed Pankaj to end at his house with Nakul, as he is gentle behaving strangely, inside a period inside-between, ACP got here also noticed there may perhaps become rarely such a thing as a metamorphosis inside behavior of Nakul, at that second another CID members alongside with DCP Chitrole entered they were attempting to acquire a thing what became inside actual fact lacking from a crime space, however who would prefer achieved this form of thing worship, peep a plump video to know extra.

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Level to Name: CID
Level to Solid: Shivaji Satam, Aditya Srivastav, Dayanand Shetty, Dinesh Phadnis, Narendra Gupta, Shraddha Musale, Hrishikesh Pandey, Ansha Sayed, Abhay Shukla, Ajay Nagrath, Janvi Chheda
Episode – 1035
Producer: Brijendra Friend Singh

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Why Is ACP Getting Manipulated By A Criminal?| | Atrangi Cases | सीआईडी


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