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Case-Why Is EVERYONE Looking for This Case?

Case-Why Is EVERYONE Looking for This Case?

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Is that this a BEST Gaming PC Case?! a Hyte Y60 is a tumbler ATX case with mesh also airflow for RTX 4090, RTX 4080 also Ryzen 7000! become a part of PC Centric for a corpulent gaming private computer made handbook!

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PC Case: HYTE Y60 Case: https://inside a community.link/K0E3 (Amazon)
Motherboard: MSI Unify Z690: https://inside a community.link/rTCS (Amazon)
CPU: Intel I9 12900K Processor: https://inside a community.link/62vI (Amazon)
Cooler: Corsair H100i ICUE LCD: https://inside a community.link/Bhkc (Amazon)
RAM: Trident z5 DDR5: https://inside a community.link/dsiC (Amazon)
Graphics card: XFX RX6800 XT: https://inside a community.link/PBmS (Amazon)
SSD: Kingston KC3000 SSD: https://inside a community.link/dSOV (Amazon)
Energy Present: HX1000i Energy Present: https://inside a community.link/hkcl (Amazon)
Customized Cables: https://inside a community.link/deGj (Amazon)
120mm Corsair QL Followers: https://inside a community.link/HOln (Amazon)

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My PC Case: (RS) https://inside a community.link/DrQk (Amazon)
My Desk (RS): https://inside a community.link/YsRq (Amazon)
My Oak ‘Desk’ Worktop: https://inside a community.link/Pbt0 (Worktop Yelp)

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My Keyboard (SV): https://inside a community.link/qUrE (Amazon)

My Mouse (SV): Logitech G Pro Superlight: https://inside a community.link/z7Ra (Amazon)

My Work Mouse (RS) – Logitech MX Grasp 3: https://inside a community.link/d00b (Amazon)

My Mouse Mat (S) – Corsair RGB: https://inside a community.link/ZPAa (Amazon)

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Philips HUE Play (S): https://inside a community.link/lf4m (Amazon)

My Desk ‘Legs’ Alex Drawers: https://inside a community.link/KN7V (IKEA)

My Desk Worktop: https://inside a community.link/SmiT (Worktop Yelp)

My spirited wallpapers: https://twitter.com/PcCentric/convey/1029664428197900289

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00: 00 Intro
01: 07 Case Overview
04: 57 CPU Set up
05: 55 RAM Set up
06: 51 SSD Set up
07: 25 Motherboard Set up
09: 32 CPU Cooler Set up
12: 53 PSU Set up
14: 14 Cable Administration
14: 29 GPU Set up
16: 38 Turning it on
18: 06 Gaming Benchmarks
21: 41 Outro


  1. I if truth be told have a hp pavilion gaming cpu. I upgraded the ram with 16 GB vengeance and the nvme with 1tb and now I will have the ability to’t Get hold of it to indicate off. The ram and nvme are seated because it will more than seemingly be and I didn’t touch the gpu nonetheless I serene can’t accumulate it to indicate off. I tried placing the broken-down nvme and ram befriend in and serene nothing( I did a make restoration on a usb to build up home windows befriend after altering nvme) nonetheless can any individual please befriend or give me any recommendation

  2. i devour the case nonetheless i deserve to add a cam hyperlink pro or smth into it nonetheless idk if this would possibly maybe occasionally per chance additionally work.

  3. Gotta hiss ! Thanks to your channel and how consistent you are ! This channel helped me form my first custom personal computer form . After years of pre form and thinking building a personal computer is neat no longer easy. But this guy makes building pcs if truth be told easy and I managed to form my enjoy in round 1 hr 30 minutes or so . Thank-you personal computer centric !!

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