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Case-Zaheer Case Challan Postmortem| Iqrar Ul Hassan Mammoth Mistake| Zunaira Mahum Funding| Absorbing|

Case-Zaheer Case Challan Postmortem| Iqrar Ul Hassan Mammoth Mistake| Zunaira Mahum Funding| Absorbing|

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wrapped up Zaheer Ahmed’s wife case after her father, withdrew a petition filed within a apex court inspiring a Sindh High Court (SHC’s) determination which had allowed Karachi teenage girl to determine her beget destiny, News reported on Thursday.

A three-member bench of a apex, comprising Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, Justice Muneeb Akhtar, also Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar, announced a reserved verdict on a plea of her father. a apex court heard a case within a Supreme Court Karachi Registry.

a pinnacle court inside its verdict has requested Mehdi Kazmi to methodology a associated discussion board for a formation of a medical board inside her.
“a case did now no longer drop within a midst of a ambit of SC,” a tip court dominated.

Last week, her father challenged a Sindh High Court’s verdict within a case within a Supreme Court.

a petition filed by her father acknowledged that on June 8, a Sindh High Court had allowed a girl to manufacture a determination inside accordance to her assertion also ‘medical test’, which found out her to become 17 years veteran.

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inside line with Nadra files also academic credentials, a petitioner maintained that she is 14 years veteran.

At a outset of a listening to as our sing time, Justice Sajjad Ali Shah become taught out a SHC verdict also noticed that no evidence was as soon as found out that a girl had been abducted.

“ inside her assertion sooner than a court had denied that she was as soon as abducted by her husband Zaheer Ahmed,” a Ponder noticed also added that a petitioner could maybe now no longer impose allegations of pressured marriage.

All a draw inside which by draw of a listening to, Justice Muneeb Akhtar said that even a father can’t self-discipline marriage inside any court. “Handiest girl has honest to self-discipline marriage space,” he noticed.

“That youre just can methodology sessions court as a guardian inside opposition to a SHC verdict,” he said also dominated out a involvement of abduction or harassment within a case.

“What develop youre would possibly want to beget from us”? Justice Sajjad Ali Shah requested her father.

“I desire a court to overturn a SHC determination also enable our daughter to are dwelling alongside with her fogeys,” he replied.

a SHC, inside its written verdict, noticed that no evidence was as soon as found out that a girl had been abducted also restrained authorities arresting from registering abduction cases.

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a SHC had also disposed of a petition filed by fogeys into a alleged abduction of a teenage girl.

case had with regards to toe forefront following her mysterious disappearance inside April but later it was as soon as revealed on social media that she tied a knot with 21-year-veteran Zaheer Ahmed inside Punjab.

inside a three-page written account for, Justice Junaid Ghaffar said a court reached a verdict inside accordance to a testimonies also dominated that a case was as soon as now no longer of a “kidnapping”.

“…a alleged/minor, pursuant to her assertion on oath also age certificate is space at liberty to determine as to whom she intends to stay also dawdle alongside,” a account for become taught.

inside a account for, a court also said that it has determined to secure rid of — petition for her recovery because a case of his daughter was as soon as now no longer of kidnapping.

For a production of her sooner than a Lahore High Court later this week, a SHC said a Sindh Police is at liberty to produce it if required.

However a decide said that a court, after production also assertion of a alleged abductee , was as soon as now no longer inclined to self-discipline any extra directions.


‘she needs to switch dwelling’
Earlier within a day, a mom of a Karachi girl, said that her daughter wished to switch dwelling after retaining a assembly alongside with her at a court’s account for.

“My daughter said within a assembly that I want to switch dwelling. she said she’s going to give her assertion inside court,” a mom said, adding that police did now no longer latest her daughter inside court also took her to a refuge dwelling.

At a outset of as our sing time’s listening to, a petitioner sought a court’s permission to latest more documents associated to a girl’s age. At this, Justice Junaid Ghaffar said, a Sindh High Court (SHC) was as soon as seized with a recovery of a girl also directed a counsel to present these documents to a trial court.

Earlier, a medical project ordered by a SHC to examine her age found out a girl’s age to become between 16 also 17 years.

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