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Classic-3.2KW Off Grid picture voltaic machine | A Classic Need for a tiny dwelling | Canadian picture voltaic

Classic-3.2KW Off Grid picture voltaic machine | A Classic Need for a tiny dwelling |  Canadian picture voltaic

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3.2KW Off Grid picture voltaic machine | A Classic Need for a tiny dwelling | Canadian picture voltaic
inside this video I nearly existing tutorial install solar machine at dwelling so this video is ready a 3.2 kw solar machine installation through which I explained solar machine inside Urdu language.

I weak Canadian solar 545 watts solar panels for this setup also weak Solarmax R4 series 3.2kw solar inverter with all fittings tiny print adore tutorial install solar inverter at dwelling also solar distribution box also wiring of solar panels 3KW solar machine wiring draw also a solution to install solar stand.

By a use of this 3.2 kw solar inverter our can weak 3780 Watts solar panels also 3200 watts load along side 1.5 Ton inverter AC washer room air cooler lahori cooler submersible water motor ceiling fans also all another lights masses.

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There are a spacious different of solar manufacturers adore Tesla solar Inverex solar MaXPower also OneX Fronus etc 3.2 kw solar inverter designate inside Pakistan is round 100Okay.

So inside explain for youre to lunge ac on solar machine or ac on solar panel without battery also also youre might possibly well presumably thought to made 3KW solar machine for ac so youre might possibly well presumably made 3 KW solar machine off grid with Canadian solar panel installation. a batteries I weak on this mission OSAKA TA 1800 which is 185AH battery prices are also proven on this video.

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  1. Ye batteries 1000 watt p equipment a backup de deti hain? Mera mtlb k agar 1000 watt ka load chal raha ho aur light na ho raat k time to 1000 watt load chal raha ho to 1800 tublar battery kitnay ghantay ka backup de degi? Please e book kar dain

  2. Last month 146 devices ka bill Aya.. 100×7.74. =740and 46×10=460..bijli imprint bani. 1236.bill Bana 1737.and gas adjustment. =985…sbb tax Mila kr… 2722 RS.. This month.. 146 devices bill Aya..( 146×14.46) yaha a pair of MN dandi Mari wapda NY.. Or bijli imprint ho gai 2111 or tax Mila kr bil Bana 2976 or gas adjustment 2186..total bill 5159…Rs..Helpline py name ki.. Cantt waly place of job Gaya… Sb NY Bola kuch ni ho sakta… PAKISTAN ZINDA ABAD

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