Home Video Customary-20 irregular Italian verbs youre want to grasp for basic dialog

Customary-20 irregular Italian verbs youre want to grasp for basic dialog

Customary-20 irregular Italian verbs youre want to grasp for basic dialog

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20 irregular Italian verbs youre want to grasp for basic dialog

0: 00 – intro
0: 28 – ACCENDERE (to flip on)
1: 40 – CADERE (to fall)
2: 50 – CONOSCERE (to know)
3: 50 – CRESCERE [to grow (up)]
4: 57 – CUOCERE (to cook dinner)
5: 48 – DIFENDERE (to defend)
6: 27 – DIPINGERE (to paint)
7: 10 – FARE (to plan, to carry out)
7: 40 – MORIRE (to die)
8: 28 – PERDERE (to lose, to fail to see)
9: 19 – PIACERE (to like, to become most current)
10: 40 – RIDERE (to snigger)
11: 27 – RIMANERE (to defend, to remain)
12: 20 – SCENDERE (to plug down, to gain off)
13: 28 – ROMPERE (to interrupt)
14: 16 – SENTIRE (to listen to, to feel)
14: 50 – SPEGNERE (to flip off)
15: 32 – VEDERE (to plug looking out)
16: 07 – VINCERE (to defend)
16: 43 – VIVERE (to live)
18: 06 – inside conclusion

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  1. Many, many thanks for your again, gorgeous Lucrezia !It is miles a staunch pleasure to seem at you !And an improbable capability to learn your so horny language !Somewhat a pair of like !

  2. This used to be precisely what I used to be procuring for. I factual started learning to conjugate verbs in the previous so it's immense to procure an inventory of frequent verbs conjugated in one video.Additionally thank you for adding the verbs with their meanings and their timestamps in the outline!

  3. I wish you had spoken the complete styles in elephantine, that can abolish a improbable audio segment to listen to to continually again, to learn by coronary heart. That is the very most realistic capability to learn. But very precious however.

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