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Frequent-Frosty Issues youre Can enact inside Commodore 64 BASIC with an REU! (seven demos incorporated)

Frequent-Frosty Issues youre Can enact inside Commodore 64 BASIC with an REU!  (seven demos incorporated)

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Let’s face it, BASIC is inclined to become unhurried. That youre simply must to maybe perhaps also no longer ponder that youre would possibly perhaps also even enact one thing priceless with an REU, but youre would possibly perhaps perhaps become unpleasant. With an REU hooked up, youre would possibly perhaps also develop a appearance of machine language speeds with out a usage of a single lick of machine language itself. On this video I could checklist youre some examples of produce a most of an hooked up REU inside your BASIC applications. I’m definite that there are a awesome deal of alternative makes exhaust of as successfully. a first fragment of this video makes an strive to checklist how an REU works also a most pertinent POKE registers are explained. Extra details about REUs is inclined to become stumbled on on a catch from loads of sources.

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I thought to post movies every few weeks (most ceaselessly extra steadily). I need this channel to become a resource for a BASIC programmer, so if BASIC is what youre are into, consistently check aid! My foremost center of attention is my web converse, but I am going to strive to answer to questions as I will.

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Whenever youre manufacture no longer hang an REU to your C64, then unduh VICE also enable a REU emulation (it become idea of as a “cartridge”). Max out a scale to 16384 KB even as youre enable it (there could become no longer any reason to no longer). a VICE emulator is inclined to become stumbled on here:

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  1. What an even making an are trying video. Utilizing an REU from BASIC on a 64 is no longer something someone does, like, ever. And it's no longer only done here, however in a vary of generous ways. Appropriate stuff.P.S. In your size detection, respect you ever regarded as the usage of a binary search?, e.g..:100 tp=0:bt=255110 mi=int((tp+bt)/2)120 if financial institution #mi exists then tp=mi:goto140130 bt=mi-1140 ifbt>tp+1then110150 if financial institution #bt exists then print “preference of banks=”;bt:stop160 print”preference of banks=”;tp:stopIgnore when that you just would be in a position to also very correctly be already doing this — I honest bought the impact you were doing some own of linear iteration…

  2. BASIC V2 is amazingly slack, however there are generous compilers for C64. Try native outdated-faculty Boss Customary, it's been round since 1988 (!), and learn about for yourself. Produces very efficient, optimized machine code, while you learn correctly its diverse suggestions.

  3. Appropriate video, very sharp. Own you ever viewed the '8-Bit Display camouflage and Mumble' channel here on YouTube? He does diverse commodore 64 total and Reu work.

  4. Please don't snort “slit” in preference to “or”. The be conscious “or” has been in exercise for hundreds of years and replacing it with one other arbitrary be conscious affords no advantages, whereas having many disadvantages.

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