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Fundamental-Anatomy of a Knee Joint – Fundamental Clinical Anatomy Revision – Dr Gill

Fundamental-Anatomy of a Knee Joint – Fundamental Clinical Anatomy Revision – Dr Gill

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Anatomy of a Knee Joint – Fundamental Clinical Anatomy Revision – Dr Gill

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Anatomy changed into potentially my weakest topic inside medical college, a motive being it is one long list of lumps bumps also insertion aspects.

inside truth anatomy inside this fashion to me is runt extra than correct rote finding out. Fortuitously scientific anatomy makes noteworthy extra sense to me. Taking a gaze at how a joint strikes, why it is fashioned because it is, how a tendons has obedient to insert of their specific areas, also crucially has a joint turns into injured also a map inside which it develops pathology

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That is a well-known video of our anatomy series a recommendations is often welcome.

There are two additional movies supplement this, that being a long-established knee examination demonstration video,

also knee examination scientific deep dive explaining what it is it is being looked for every step of a examination

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  1. Dr Gill, I’m over weight and I suffer with my loyal knee hurting. Wouldn’t my weight affect each knees and no longer loyal the one or would possibly perchance there doubtless be any varied complications?

  2. Hi there James I am recuperating from an anguish the put is fractured my patella. I agree with had surgical treatment on the patella. Also some cartilage used to be damaged. I deem it used to be the hyaline articular cartilage on my femur. (The anguish used to be cliff leaping I hit a rock upon entry feet first, knee skimmed a rock pushed my patella up and also smashed on the a similar time.) I used to be suggested this day by a chum to lift shut collagen and glucosamine dietary supplements , would these be of any income? Interested to hear… Otherwise I am maintaining successfully put up surgical treatment most piquant week, I feel phenomenal higher and appear to be healing colossal 👍 Many thanks James, adore your videos !

  3. Hi there so about four years in the past I fell strolling assist from the gasoline narrate, ripped a large chunk out of my knee, and left a blood hotfoot strolling house. The wretchedness is aggravated by running and lifting weights (critically squatting). It in point of fact hurts after I push into my knee cap, and pull up. For reference, there's no swelling both. Lift out it’s doubtless you’ll maybe also simply agree with any tips of what’s going to be execrable?

  4. I deem I damaged swish phenomenal every portion of that spectacular mannequin of knee structures a technique or one more over the direction of my lifestyles, mainly as a result of making an are attempting to bowl as fleet as I would possibly perchance for twenty years. I escaped an operation one map or the other, doubtless because I made up my tips to retire at 35. And that used to be no longer as a result of my an increasing selection of deteriorating knees, however because I ripped each calf muscle groups within twelve months of each varied. And once your legs budge, you're carried out.
    The factor that “cured” my knee complications? Walking – a total bunch it (as the upright doctor mentioned right here). Astonishing in point of fact.
    However it did no longer cure my calf muscle groups. I attempted playing for a veterans facet just a few years in the past, long after I'd stop.
    My coaching went in point of fact successfully for roughly twelve months and I even started to bowl off a upright shuffle up. Issues regarded upright for the tour and my knees felt colossal. However then, one night in the nets, I felt the acquainted instability effervescent and popping in my loyal calf muscle – however I carried on into the provision scuttle anyway (stupidly) – and it gave map entirely. I would possibly perchance barely toddle for per week.
    That used to be the 2nd – and most piquant – retirement. I deem I used to be rather bit anguish-stricken for some time, however that's getting older for you.
    Rites of passage!

  5. I suffer from all forms of knee components, Hoffa's syndrome, osgood-schlatter illness and commence of arthritis I gather this extremely precious and informative! In recount that's 👍

  6. A engrossing video. I by no methodology used to be in anatomy, however Dr. Gill makes explains all the pieces with such clarity. My supreme danger is that I agree with a depraved knee and for a ways of the video my knee had sympathy wretchedness, at any time when he manipulated the mannequin. Definitely, it didn't abet that I had to toddle up 10 flights of stairs tonight (elevator is on the fritz one more time). I already had some discomfort, staring on the video made me even extra conscious about this.

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