Home Video Fundamental-Visible Fundamental tutorial: Face Recognition

Fundamental-Visible Fundamental tutorial: Face Recognition

Fundamental-Visible Fundamental tutorial: Face Recognition

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A program a utilization of EmguCV to enact face recognition.
When copy-n-pastin, become definite ‘Handles one thing’ is on a stay of your events!

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By default, your packages are 32bit, ought to youre would become a utilization of a 64bit EmguCV, youre dangle to assemble your program a 64bit program. Here is how: http://www.youtube.com/look?v=mZXUw-j28oY

Imports Emgu.CV
Imports Emgu.CV.Util
Imports Emgu.CV.Structure
Imports Intention.Drawing
Public Class Form1

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Intention.Object, ByVal e As Intention.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

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End Sub

Private Sub OpenFileDialog1_FileOk(ByVal sender As Intention.Object, ByVal e As Intention.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs) Handles OpenFileDialog1.FileOk

Gloomy pic As Novel Bitmap(640, 480)
Gloomy rectz As Drawing.Rectangle

Gloomy img As Novel Characterize(Of Bgr, Byte)(OpenFileDialog1.FileName.ToString)
Gloomy faceDetector As Novel HaarCascade(“C:haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml”)
Gloomy imgGray As Characterize(Of Gray, Byte) = img.Convert(Of Gray, Byte)()

For Every face As MCvAvgComp inside faceDetector.Detect(imgGray, 1.1, 10, CvEnum.HAAR_DETECTION_TYPE.DO_CANNY_PRUNING, Novel Dimension(20, 20), Dimension.Empty)
img.Plot(face.rect, Novel Bgr(Shade.White), 1)
rectz = face.rect

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pic = img.Bitmap()
Gloomy gfx As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(pic)
Gloomy imagez As Characterize = Characterize.FromFile(“C:LM.jpeg”)
gfx.DrawImage(imagez, rectz)
PictureBox1.Characterize = pic
End Sub

End Class


  1. the add to references button is grayed out for some reason, i will't add the emgu dlls to my project (however i mild can import them to the custom factor space)… HEEEAAALP!!!

  2. are you able to make it so that the program will drawl WHO it’s on the image? (instance: you grasp some photos of you familly after which you compair the faces in display masks with the photos after which let the program write a title of the particular person above there head, CAN YOU DO THAT???? THAT WOULD BE AWSOMEEEE!!!!!!! ;D)

  3. Could possibly anyone please serve me?     The on-line space didn't work so I downloaded model 3 in diversified places, but it absolutely says HaarCascade is undefined: Sad faceDetector As Contemporary HaarCascade(“C:haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml”)

  4. hiya Mr. robomatics, there's no errors at all but after I'm going to flee it I in actual fact maintain this recount with the OpenDialog1. (hmmm can I email you to tag the image?) . it stated right here that “The kind initializer for 'Emgu.CV.CvInvoke' threw an exception.”}i’ll well possibly possibly like serve please survey me 🙂

  5. I’m getting error ” Form 'HaarCascade' is now not outlined. ” time and all over again. i added Emgu.cv/emgu.util/emgu.world as reference dll's. mild recount persists. Please serve me out.

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