Home Video General-Afghan females also women fight for frequent human rights below Taliban rule

General-Afghan females also women fight for frequent human rights below Taliban rule

General-Afghan females also women fight for frequent human rights below Taliban rule

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inside Afghanistan, everyday lifestyles for females also women has changed monumentally inside a closing year, as they face sleek restrictions below Taliban rule. Azra Jafari, an Afghan baby-kisser, human rights activist also a first female mayor inside Afghanistan, joined CBS Data from exile inside Washington to talk about a plight females now face inside her country.


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  2. The U.S. would now not need to be there. Be awake we went there to fight this genuine regime and we got hate for it from Afghan of us themselves and the sector. Right here’s now not our industrial allow them to figure it out for themselves.

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  4. Taliban's faraway places consultant compares their ladies's freedom in Afghanistan with The usa's anti-abortion regulations on ladies.
    Taliban's regulations is similar as Republican's regulations. Right here’s totally humiliating and inhumane to all American.

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