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General-NOUN || General English Grammar | Class – 2 | Kinds, Examples | Grammar for Newcomers | Rani Ma’am

General-NOUN || General English Grammar | Class – 2 | Kinds, Examples | Grammar for Newcomers | Rani Ma’am

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inside this Video Rani Ma’am will order noun inside english grammar. Here is terribly significant topic inside discovering out of english grammar. inside this video rani mam will order what’s noun, noun kisse kahate hai, defination of noun, kinds of noun also examples of noun. Here is class – 1 of traditional english grammar for beginners. This Video is precious for all college students who are making ready for SSC, CDS, CTET, Banking, also another competative Assessments.

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What’s Noun?
A noun is a phrase that refers to a part (e-book), an person (Betty Crocker), an animal (cat), a location (Omaha), a major quality (softness), an opinion (justice), or an action (yodeling).

Forms of Noun.
1. Accepted noun
2. Correct noun
3. Concrete noun
4. Summary noun
5. Collective nouns

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