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Identical outdated-Universal Identical outdated Income Outlined – Free Cash for Every person? UBI

Identical outdated-Universal Identical outdated Income Outlined – Free Cash for Every person? UBI

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What’s UBI? How would free money alternate our lives.

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Universal Identical outdated Income Outlined – Free Cash for Every person? UBI


  1. I propose poor traditional incomeBasically we implement ubi but ultimate for the poor strata,and tax the richSo the three stratas(poor,center,prosperous) balance out and all folks will stay a burgeozie center class life where we stay in a tight modular homes,assembly with neighbors,searching at minute susan marry her husband,they develop out so like a flash,and within the slay died of a coronary heart assault while watering the lawn or while walking

  2. Talking from yr 2022: I mediate we all noticed what came about once we gave a minute “free” money to all and sundry (no longer even all and sundry all and sundry) 🥲

  3. The vale of illusion stand out here fashionable slavery is what I understand folks will likely be bored no longer working obviously we never appreciate identified the leisure else 🙏

  4. LOL poverty is $1,000 per thirty days? In quite a lot of the US $36,000 per yr ($3,000 per thirty days) will no longer duvet all of your traditional needs. When I imagine UBI I imagine that dull dickhead Yang who ran for president. He had a UBI proposal that used to be no longer UNIVERSAL, he deliberately carve motivate off disabled veterans because he mentioned we already win money from the govt. Well, a UBI has to be an an identical quantity to every adult at or below a obvious threshold it is no longer predominant what other sources advert amounts of alternative earnings, or it is a form of welfare if it is ability tested. Giving every single particular person within the US a huge elevate with the exception of for disabled vets is an identical damned thing as handing us a pay carve motivate relative to the comfort of the nation. We can barely win by on the pittance they supply us now. Whereas you happen to carve motivate out obvious folks then it is no longer Standard, if it does no longer duvet all foremost needs then it is no longer Total, and if there are any strings attached then it is no longer Earnings you would per chance win to utilize freely, give away, set up with out reference to. So it is no longer UBI in any appreciate!

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