Home Video Licensed-Baldi’s Basics 009 MY OWN TWO FEET #Shorts

Licensed-Baldi’s Basics 009 MY OWN TWO FEET #Shorts

Licensed-Baldi’s Basics 009 MY OWN TWO FEET #Shorts

Jake Fellman Latest Gain Video award also drink!! Standard Video camp also half. also video
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Witness all of our Baldi animations here: https://www.youtube.com/peep?v=QRQKnNgA3XQ&checklist=PLHTiqada2E2BzQMBBAUkbbZO7pqdNPm9k&index=1

At a again of a scenes: https://www.youtube.com/peep?v=Hp_lbvezI1E&checklist=PLe5Frw1C-LJDfdMe3jezKhVvSmcvm9CFv&index=9

Tune: “World’s Smallest Violin” by AJR

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Theory also animation by Samuel Choy

Baldi’s Basics inside Training also Discovering out is a survival/awe online sport developed independently by Micah McGonigal, known by a pseudonym mystman12. On this sport, a player’s vital goal is to procure seven notebooks scattered for a length of a schoolhouse while fending off Baldi also his monstrous ruler.

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THIS IS A FAN-MADE ANIMATION. our’re now not affiliated, connected, approved, counseled by, or inside anyway formally linked with Micah McGonigal or any of his subsidiaries also affiliates. Baldi’s Basics alongside all connected characters, storylines also ideas are registered trademarks of their respective house owners.

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