Home Video Overall-Russia’s causes for hitting frequent infrastructure. Mitsotakis calms crisis with Turkey. Update...

Overall-Russia’s causes for hitting frequent infrastructure. Mitsotakis calms crisis with Turkey. Update 2

Overall-Russia’s causes for hitting frequent infrastructure. Mitsotakis calms crisis with Turkey. Update 2

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Russia’s causes for hitting frequent infrastructure. Mitsotakis calms crisis with Turkey. Update 2
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  1. It's obtrusive that NATO desires to abolish Russia using a animated Ukraine. Russia will have to soundless enact whatever is a actually vital to discontinue NATO's belief. Weapon gives and NATO soldiers disguised as mercenaries ought to be blasted out straight once they enter Ukraine. Nerve-centres ought to be taken out! The excellent defence is offence! Russia has to guard the civilian victims of Ukraine genocide! NATO and Western MSM are actively supporting this Ukraine genocide of the ethnic Russians!

  2. That is pure Russian copium. Honest settle for that your authoritarian cuck boys are shedding. This narrativizing about Russia eliminating NATO forces on electric trains is previous recoil.

  3. Elimination gasoline and oil provide to EU and USA would bring the collapse to entire Western record in topic of months. They could well deliever vitality to the agreeable countries handiest in ammount they need their economy to feature till things resolve down. That is handiest contrivance to abolish petro greenback and discontinue the madness.

  4. Russians smoked out the wooded self-discipline entrenched Ukrainians, luring them to capturesparsely defended Kharkiv = crimson herring gambit. thereby getting the golden chanceto slingshot (to avenge or revenge in accordance to one’s notice) the means stations withimmense meant collateral demolish nipping out Ukrainian victory lap from Kharkiv toDonetsk One more truth is that Russians evaluated Kharkiv space s peoples standard conception and enhance for Russians. Non-public in mind Kharkiv is a Cap. Luhansk the Head, narrow Donetsk home the Neck & Kherson the body . And Crimea pointless to issue the legs.USA West & NATO conglomerate brain works determined to strangulate and lower the neck in uncover to divide the DPR & LPR republics by sacrificing Ukrainian lives for his or her innate sadistic satisfactions again and again thru Ukrainin regime medium. That is the aim and contrivance so blatantly viewed. Russia afterdealing with the neck sores will likely be wide awake of North Kharkiv, Sumi turtling upwards to the Zero heart point. Some Russian protection force chess movements that’s all – Perhaps.

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