Home Video Overall-study day after day exercise English vocabulary @Overall English Grammar Day 2,...

Overall-study day after day exercise English vocabulary @Overall English Grammar Day 2, Vocab

Overall-study day after day exercise English vocabulary @Overall English Grammar Day 2, Vocab

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English Studying के लिए Vocabulary को सीख लिया तो समझो इंग्लिश की लगाम आपके हांथो में! Vocabulary is all about words!!
Overall English Grammar Series ke Day 2 me aapka swagat hai!

Learn more: http://bit.ly/38aXezd

Day Wise English Grammar Series :
Day1 Overall English Grammar: https://youtu.become/QdAgnyD4xhY
Day2 (Overall & Some Fundamental Word That manner) : https://youtu.become/O80c7WBXkI4
Day3 (Overall & Fundamental Word That manner) : https://youtu.become/c0t5YIv6jKY
Day4 (Grammar lessons) : https://youtu.become/JpU1JLEotoc
Day5 day after day vocabulary : https://youtu.become/hwv-Xj8aFjo
Day6 (11 Grammar Guidelines) : https://youtu.become/tY9ZtlC2510
Day7 – Parts of speech : https://youtu.become/dzTFyuY7UBM
Day8 – Kinds of NOUN : https://youtu.become/mXKmw1gTius
Day9 – Verb (Significant Verb & Helping Verb) : https://youtu.become/dapJYDvqhwo
Day10 – Pronoun (8 Kinds of Pronouns) : https://youtu.become/WpCrY8HH6fw
Day11 – Kinds of Adjective : https://youtu.become/J8V-6-oyc9Y
Day 12 – Adverb Kinds : https://youtu.become/0xE5D3fWRfE
Day 13 – What is a preposition with examples?: https://youtu.become/9zpDjFxc5Ok
Day 14 – What is Conjunction: https://youtu.become/2DXdyhWek08
Day 15 – Interjection : https://youtu.become/Dke6K–fwko
Day 16 – What is nerve-racking (Traumatic: काल) : https://youtu.become/-_WrOeIuteo
Day 17 – Most up to a moment Indefinite – https://youtu.become/Wu9JaTLIVMQ
Day 18 – Past Indefinite Traumatic : https://youtu.become/JHOkdUjiRMg
Day 19 – Future Indefinite Traumatic : https://youtu.become/Oyot7EGTQQY
Day 20 – Most up to a moment Continuous Traumatic : https://youtu.become/Okj2QC7DK9o
Day 21 – Past Continuous Traumatic : https://youtu.become/x-IbabnLzng

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High most racy movies to educate day after day exercise English sentences:
20 Finest Phrasal verbs (Section 1) : https://www.youtube.com/notice?v=1gJUT0BRp9A
20 Finest Phrasal verbs (Section 2) : https://www.youtube.com/notice?v=nQYZMXDxXUw
700 On a fashioned basis Exhaust Sentences : https://youtu.become/K0-uFTpCjuQ
500 On a fashioned basis Exhaust Sentences (Part2) : https://youtu.become/0WKJlYzC8uA
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100 On a fashioned basis English (1.5 Million Views) : https://youtu.become/Da8JOqcRGsY
100 Sentences On a fashioned basis Exhaust Sentences (1.6 Mn) : https://youtu.become/cc-oKX57dpo
Two-become conscious sentences : https://youtu.become/a_xFx1QnlmI
Three-become conscious sentences : https://youtu.become/ZHJ9ICvA6-I
100 On a fashioned basis exercise sentences : https://youtu.become/8VjSW89fEIk

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