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Pattern-سامر المدنى تريند وحصرى – (عاملين حمله فرنسيه ) Samer Elmedany – Pattern our Hasry

Pattern-سامر المدنى تريند وحصرى – (عاملين حمله فرنسيه ) Samer Elmedany – Pattern our Hasry

سامر المدني Samer Elmedany Most modern Trending Video basins also drawback!! Rating Video attesting also beliefs. also news
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مهرجان : تريند وحصرى ( عاملين حمله فرنسيه )
Note👉 : Pattern our Hasry

غناء : سامر المدنى
Singing👉 : Samer Elmedany

كلمات : محمد المدنى
Lyrics👉 : Mohamed Elmedany

توزيع : خالد لولو
Music Distribution👉 : Khaled LoLo
🔥 كلمات المهرجان 🔥 :

على بوست كاتب اسمى ،، وتريند بقى وحصرى
ان بقالك كام يوم ،، بطلت تعرفنى
فينك يابنى فينك يابنى ،، مش باين من اصلي
عامل انك ناسينى ،، شكلك عيل صينى
ليل ونهار قارف مين ،، دا انت مطلع عينى
فوق ياحبيبي فوق ياحبيبي ،، دا نت عيل صيني
طب مش باللمه الكدابه ،، انا ولا جيش يملالي عيني
دوغري عليكوا كده هتغابه ،، انا بقي قلبي مقويني
انا انا حمله انا كتيبه ،، انا عقلي مطرقع مني
انا فى قاموس اللعيبه ،، مكتوب جمبى احذر منى
احذر منى احذر منى ،، هتلاقى الف مصيبه
طب ممكن تقلب بمصيبه ،، هاخدك علي الساحه وهودي
انتم كده مش للعيبه ،، ورونى نفسيكم فى تحدى
انا مش لاقى الولاعه .. ايدكوا طويله بيني وبينكم
الحق اروح اخبى الساعه ،، شايف طلعه عليها عينكم
هاتلى سلاح هاتلى ذخيره ،، حرب هتبدا دلوقتى
على الساحه غيره مني كتيره ،، قلبي جايبني انا وهودي
عاملين حمله فرنسيه ،، مش شايفنكم ياحبه كسر
احنا شعوب اسلاميه ،، ولا نسيتوا زنقتكوا فى مصر
دايما فوق دايما حصرى ،، شايف انا حب في عين الناس
علشان كده منساش اصلي ،، دوغري رجوله في القلب اساس
اشوف امي ابوس ايدها ،، انا علي راسي اشيل جزمتها
ست الكل وست الناس ،، ربى كارمني بدعوتها
رزقي حلال بحمد ربي ،، زاد او قل دا مش ذمبي
طول ما اخواتى واصحابى جمبي ،، ايه تاني ممكن يشغلني
شوفت الناس وقت الضيقه ،، كتف فى كتف وعلى المبدأ
وكمان ناس تانيه خنيقه ،، يخلع امتى اما يسدق
يلا هنخرج هنروح فين ،، تيجي بظروفها نشوف بعدين
عادي يا صحبي معايا قرشين ،، مش عارف انا اوديهم فين
يلا نروح علي جنينه ،، نخرج سوا مع اهالينا
ونغنيلهم كده موال ،، ويسقفوا ويفرحوا بينا
يفرحوا بينا يفرحوا بينا ،، ويسقفوا ويفرحوا بينا
عيش كده ساعد الناس بالحب ،، تبقى رجوله وفى بلدك توب
واوعى فى يوم تغلط وسطينا ،، ووقت الغلط ارجع واستوب
ارجع واستوب ارجع واستوب ،، وخلاص خلصنا استوب
: English Lyrics

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On Put up, my title is author ,, also Pattern remained original
When youre acknowledged how lot days youre perceive me
Where are youre, Eastern? youre is more seemingly to become Eastern, not from a usual
Incontrovertible fact that youre forgot me, contemplate adore a Chinese language family
Night also day, who’s right here, youre is more seemingly to become a origin of my eyes
Above my admire, above my loved ,, right here’s a Chinese language family
Remedy, I enact not blame disappointment ,, me, nor an military that fills my eyes
Dougrey, youre are going to like this, I will underneath no conditions neglect my coronary heart
I’m carrying it, I’m a pamphlet, my mind is cobbled from me
I’m inside a dictionary of Allaiba ,, written Worried become careful for me
become careful for me, beware of me ,, youre are going to meet a thousand misfortunes
Remedy, are youre able to turn inside effort ,, I will snatch youre on a scene also hoody
youre is more seemingly to become not a shame, also search yourself inside a trouble
I don’t web a lighter .. Retain on long between youre also me
Compatible, I will my conceal, I search that your eyes device on it
Give my weapon, my ammunition, battle will originate now
On a square, varied than me, loads, my coronary heart brings me also me
Two workers, a French marketing campaign, I don’t search youre, I’ll admire it
our’re Islamic peoples ,, enact not neglect your zeal inside Egypt
Persistently above original, I search, I’m admire inside members’s eyes
Thanks to this, I will become capable to’t neglect, my manhood inside a coronary heart is wanted
I search my mother, I pout her hand, I’m on my head Ashil her boots
Six of all also six members ,, raised Carmine by challenging her
My livelihood is permissible, with a praise of my Lord ,, roughly, right here just isn’t my fault
How long are my sisters also chums, what else can put me busy?
I saw members inside a time of damage, shoulder by shoulder, on precept
Furthermore, yet any another members suffocate
Lets lag out, our are able to head, where, youre are going to device of their conditions, our are able to search two dimensions
It is miles same earlier, my friend, with two piasters, I don’t know where I will become capable to lag
Let’s lag to a fetus ,, lag out alongside with our families
also our suppose to them adore that, also so they glory also made us gay
They’ve a noteworthy time between us, they has gotten a noteworthy time at us, also beacon also made them gay with us
Live adore that, help members with admire ,, remain masculine also high inside your country
also has inside mind, on a day of your mistake, also on a time of a mistake, return also query
Return also query, return also query ,, also salvation, end us
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