Home Video Pattern-barbiecore is a model? dressing like barbie movies!

Pattern-barbiecore is a model? dressing like barbie movies!

Pattern-barbiecore is a model? dressing like barbie movies!

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i take seeing an increasing number of of a barbiecore model on my fyp along with hype surrounding greta gerwig’s upcoming barbie movie starring margot robbie so i thought it modified into about time i attempted some outfits impressed by a enduring barbie cinematic universe!

~fairytopia – magic of a rainbow~
red dress – dk (this is from like 4-5years ago i invent no longer store or give a boost to this ticket i unprejudiced invent no longer throw out what i maintain already obtained)
rainbow high – thrifted/diy
red boots – aliexpress
leg wraps – ebay
butterfly necklace – ground ground of melbourne central inside a truly horny looking out retailer lol
fairy wings – tall w

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~barbie also a secret door~
red lace sleeves – our gang younger
ombre pants – depop (first also principal i’m gia)
white belt – yesstyle
red belt – came with a jacket i former to maintain lol
chain belt – thrifted
red boots – aliexpress
necklace & hair clips – low-discover store
butterfly necklace – yesstyle

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~princess charm college~
plaid skirt – depop
white shirt – tall w
slice high – depraved gal
tie – thrifted
stockings – satan impressed
bow – satan impressed

~princess also a pauper~
dress – thrifted
cape – thrifted
corset belt – princess polly
cowboy boots – model nanda
belt also bracelets – thrifted
necklace – yesstyle

~peep squad~
red pants – i’m gia
red trip – thrifted
coat – actually rummaged by my storage bags i left at my nans lol
red boots – aliexpress
mesh sleeves – princess polly

~island princess~
crochet high – tigermist
skirt – thrifted
belt – thrifted
sandals – asos

~swan lake~
high – yesstyle
puff sleeve high – a enduring
skirt – tk maxx
beaded layer – thrifted
stockings – asos
shoes – satan impressed
butterflies – yesstyle

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high – depop
red jeans – princess polly
heels – asos
hair clips – low-discover store

~a barbie diaries~
cami high – thrifted
bolero – princess polly
denim skirt – thrifted
belt – thrifted
scard – thrifted
win – poppy lisman
sandals – yesstyle
platforms – puma x buffalo london

formal dress – thrifted
shirt – princess polly
beaded layer – thrifted
heels – asos (topshop)
necklace – thrifted
gloves – depop
tiara – cosmetics plus


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  1. I lately dyed my hair attributable to you!! I’ve been looking to develop split dye since 2017 nevertheless I knew it wouldn’t slip along with any outfit nevertheless that doesn’t appear to subject as great as I idea. The total unwearable part you develop I treasure so great, it affords me lawful a tiny boost of self perception and quite loads of happiness. You’re unbelievable and so so pretty 🙂

  2. i ADORE all your movies nevertheless GOD this changed into your best possible vogue video so a long way!!!! I'm obsessed with the entire fots and the vogue you interpreted the present designs

  3. yer accent is a outing. typically you sound australian typically you sound american.i typically wonder if some australian youtubers (no longer all) mite lawful sound reasonably american on youtube nevertheless then focus on treasure the other folks on 'HOUSOS' in their everyday lives. no longer that exagerated and listless obviously nevertheless you acquire the scheme that.and btw, as any individual who's frail ample to beget lived via the 80's i must recount flouresecnt colors are uglier than smeared shit and incredibly tacky too.

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