Home Video Pattern-Ronaldo’s bottle hunting down vogue sweeps across Euro 2020 😆🥤

Pattern-Ronaldo’s bottle hunting down vogue sweeps across Euro 2020 😆🥤

Pattern-Ronaldo’s bottle hunting down vogue sweeps across Euro 2020 😆🥤

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Footage: UEFA 2021
UEFA had been compelled to test avid gamers to quit hunting down sponsor bottles from press conferences after a bottle-snatching vogue started this week.

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Ronaldo started a vogue at a pre-Games recordsdata conference by hiding two Coca-Cola bottles also changing them with a bottle of water.

Paul Pogba, who is Muslim also would no longer drink alcohol, objected to a distinctive inexperienced bottle of legit Euro 2020 beer sponsor Heineken.

Subsequent, Manuel Locatelli eradicated a same pair of Coca-Cola bottles some distance off from a seek for of cameras inside his put up-match press conference.

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A fall inside Coca-Cola’s fragment tag this week turned into once attributed by some to Ronaldo’s snub, however there turned into once no evidence a 2 were linked.

Since then, avid gamers also coaches from Euro 2020 grasp joined a vogue of a match.

With Russia’s Stanislav Cherchesov showing us exactly what he idea of it, who will doubtless become next to compile on a vogue?

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