Home Video Pattern-Sea Shanty – Wellerman (Tremendous TikTok Model) 🔥 Unique Dance Pattern Compilation

Pattern-Sea Shanty – Wellerman (Tremendous TikTok Model) 🔥 Unique Dance Pattern Compilation

Pattern-Sea Shanty – Wellerman (Tremendous TikTok Model) 🔥 Unique Dance Pattern Compilation

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  1. So the orignal man, Did work on making bigger than 1 of him. Altering color. The comfort of you idiots correct copy off him and contemplate you bear a hit when its correct your pethic Dance.

  2. The video is rather doesn't fall to beat, however it's an qualified and charming shanty and the kind of artistic kinds of moves added to a square dance from many varied cultures is actually bright. Thank you for bringing them all collectively.

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