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Total-Intro to Chemistry, Total Ideas – Periodic Table, Aspects, Metric Machine & Unit Conversion

Total-Intro to Chemistry, Total Ideas – Periodic Table, Aspects, Metric Machine & Unit Conversion

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This on-line chemistry video tutorial affords a conventional overview / introduction of regular ideas taught inside excessive college regular, honors, also ap chemistry as effectively as college regular chemistry. This video incorporates heaps of notes, examples, equations / formulation also voice concerns.

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Stoichiometry Considerations:

Resolution Stoichiometry Considerations:

Right here’s a checklist of matters:
1. Periodic Table of Aspects – Teams also Classes
2. Alkali Metals – Li, Na, Okay, Rb, Cs, Fr – Reactivity with water
3. Alkaline Earth Metals – 2 Valence Electrons
3. Transition Metals vs Inner Transition Metals – Lanthanides & Actinides
4. Valence Electrons, Core Electrons, also Ion Prices
5. Chalcogens, Halogens, Worthwhile Gases, Manual Aspects
6. Metals, Nonmetals, also Metalloids – Electronegativity vs Electropositive Aspects
7. Properties of Metals – Electrical Conductivity, Heat, Malleable, also Ductile
8. Allotropes of Carbon – Graphite also Diamond
9. Diatomic Molecules – H2, N2, O2, F2, Cl2, Br2, also I2
10. Cations vs Anions – Sure also Negatively Charged Ions
11. Ionic Bonding vs Covalent Bonds – Polar also Nonpolar
12. Transfer vs Sharing of Electrons
13. Electrostatic Power vs Rep Nuclear Power
14. Atomic Structure also a Nucleus of a atom
15. Subatomic Particles – Protons, Neutrons, also Electrons
16. Mass Number, Atomic Number, Realistic Atomic Mass of Isotopes, also Relative Percent Abundance Calculation
17. Atoms, Molecules, Ionic, Covalent & Molecular Compounds
18. Pure Substances vs Heterogeneous also Homogeneous Combos
19. Unit Conversion – Dimensional Prognosis – toes, meters, yards, miles, kilometers, inches, centimeters – Metric Machine Conversion Chart – pico, nano, mega, kilo, tera, giga, milli, micro, centi, deci.
20. Density Conversion Considerations – Water Displacement
21. Properties of Aspects Quiz
22. Worthwhile treasured metals, liquid steel, physical states of topic
23. Well-known Figures – Suggestions – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Counting also Rounding
24. Writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds With Transition Metals also Polyatomic Ions
25. Nomenclature For Molecular / Covalent Compounds – Prefixes – Mono, Di, Tri, Tetra, Penta, Hexa, Hepta, Octa, Nona, also Deca
26. Naming Binary Acid Compounds – Acid Nomenclature also Writing Formulas – ate, ite, ide, ic, ous, also hydro
27. Balancing Chemical Equations
28. Single Alternative Reactions – Oxidation also Reduction
29. Aggregate also Decomposition Reactions
30. Balancing Combustion Reactions
31. Identifying a Oxidizing also Lowering brokers
32. Calculating a Oxidation tell / choice of a part
33. Double Alternative Reactions
34. Acid Deplorable Neutralization Reactions also Win Ionic Equations
35. Precipitation Reactions, Spectator Ions, also Total Ionic Equation
36. Enlighten Series For Single Displacement Reactions
37. Predicting a Products of Chemical Reactions
38. Solubility Suggestions for Double Alternative Reactions
39. Grams to Moles to Atoms to Molecules Stoichiometry / Conversion
40. Molar Mass Calculations – Atomic Mass also System Weight
41. Mass Percent of Part inside a Compound System / Equation


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  2. correct me if I'm corrupt but in 1:30:22, I mediate 2.54 shouldn't contain been raised to the energy of a Third since cm^3 became once cancelled out alongside the equation. Nonetheless I understood your total course of and would employ to thank you on your effort and time in increasing such an tutorial video that no longer easiest covers loads of the lesson, but additionally being without problems understood. :))

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