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Traditional-Traditional English Grammar Made Easy

Traditional-Traditional English Grammar Made Easy

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Attain youre noticed grammar is merely a fashion of boring guidelines?
Properly think yet again my worthwhile friend, think otherwise because studying English grammar may perchance most possible most possible furthermore furthermore become easy also stress-free, when youre specialise inside it correctly.
Let me abet youre change your thinking!

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Timestamps for Issues coated on this video:

00: 00: 00 Welcome
00: 00: 30 Introduction
00: 01: 57 Grammar Made Easy
00: 06: 30 Verbs
00: 11: 14 Adverbs
00: 14: 44 Nouns
00: 19: 29 Articles
00: 22: 22 Adjectives
00: 24: 22 Working inside opposition to Grammar
00: 26: 41 Pronouns
00: 29: 24 Prepositions
00: 34: 42 Conjunctions
00: 36: 39 Quiz


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Skills your grammar!



  1. I`m not very awake of gender pronoun difficulties but my daughter is the spend of `they` for her buddy who doesn`t are desirous to be known as male or feminine. As they isn`t plural, ought to peaceable I peaceable add s?: “They cooks a meal for me” to spend your example. Extreme assign a matter to.

  2. Thanks so mighty..I got a 7.5 Listening, 7 studying, 7 speaking & 7 writing. Overall 7🔥I easiest adopted your movies for per week and bid examination fever lol you’re a genius

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